Welding and Millwright Services

ACH Mechanical offers a variety of welding and millwright mechanical services through British Columbia and Alberta, Canada.

These services are often—but not always—related to plant shut-downs, new plant construction, plant maintenance, and plant turnarounds across several industries.

Here is a brief list below of the types of welding work we do:

Welding Services

  • Erection of equipment, structures, and buildings including stairs, conveyers, and railings.
  • Dismantling of equipment, structures, and buildings
  • Metal fabrication
  • Pipe welding and fitting
  • Emergency welding

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Millwright Services

  • Installing or dismantling machinery
  • Repairing machinery
  • Disconnecting and reconnecting equipment and machinery
  • Rebuilding structures and machinery
  • Conducting preventative maintenance of machinery
  • Conducting general machinery maintenance
  • Emergency millwright services

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Mobile Welding

Our mobile welding services include most of the services under welding. The difference is we typically send one or two men with all the tools they need in one our trucks for smaller jobs. And mobile welding jobs are usually—but not always—closer to our home base in Vancouver, BC.

A smaller job might take an hour or 10 hours. We’re happy to consider welding projects that are both large and small.

For larger jobs, we would send a crew to your location.

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ACH Mechanical is always happy to discuss millwright and welding services and projects. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your project.